Spider Solitaire is so unbelievably addicting -- I play it everywhere I go. I live in a crappy podunk suburb in the Midwest and no matter where you are going you are sure to get stopped by a freight train and usually, if they went any slower, they'd go backwards. Because of Spider Solitaire I rarely become irritated and mad -- even if I'm running late for an appointment or whatever. I don't give it a second thought and simply grab my laptop and start playing it. I highly recommend it !! Oh..., one thing -- IMO, its not really addicting unless you play with 2 or more suits.


This game is my favorite game and will be for a long time. It just has charisma. It'd be nice if they added more characters and a user level browser. I've started building and playing my friend's custom levels, which keeps the game fun after beating the game (which I have). Can't wait for the updates.


I find this game to not only be entertaining, but a great mental exercise. You can get in this zone where everything clicks in your head and the whole page registers as one understandable series of numbers and if you concentrate and keep your intense focus, the moves are readily apparent and before you know it, you're done! Its quite fascinating. Well done!


This is not truly the game of solitaire, which was originally also called "Patience" if you try to beat the clock, but it is a fascinating little game to fill time when you have to wait for something! The customizable settings are good ones and I've enjoyed playing Spider Solitaire for almost 5 years.


I had no idea what "Spider Solitaire" was until a few days ago. Now I can't put it down! Very cool game that keeps the mind in hyper drive. I would suggest that if you are a first time player that you try easy mode first. After the first few games you should be pretty solid as to the rules. You could always look them up online but it's really not that difficult to understand. I highly recommend it to anyone with excessive time to kill. Have fun!

JA Bugz

Played many different versions of Spider Solitaire (SS), I like this one best, to date. I don't mind losing but I loathe the SS games where winning is 98% impossible. This one at least provides more opportunities to win which is much more fun, more relaxing, and leaves me wanting to play this game more. I like this SS for making me feel like I'm using my brains, win or lose.


I love Spider Solitaire. It helps me pass the time whether I'm waiting for the kids or waiting in line or waiting at the airport. Its always a different game with different challenges. I don't always win but I love that I can always replay the same game until I beat it or I can choose to abandon it if I get too frustrated.